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Verbal/Physical Conflict and Aggression

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Direct associations between aggressive marital conflict and child aggressive-disruptive behavior at home and school were explored in this cross-sectional study of 360 kindergarten children. In addition, mediated pathways linking aggressive marital conflict to maternal harsh punishment to child aggressive-disruptive behavior were examined. Moderation analyses explored how the overall frequency of marital disagreement might buffer or exacerbate the impact of aggressive marital conflict on maternal harsh punishment and child aggressive-disruptive behavior.

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That is why the Supreme Court in U.S states that eyewitnesses will only be reliable based on the level of certain demonstrated character by the witness. Some judges are guided by physical attractiveness in making their judgment as demonstrated by juror judgment. Individual Juror is influenced by factors such as juror comprehensions, juror selection, and death –qualified jurors among others. Juries can be affected by a group because it is the size and the type of the group that determines the directions of the jury. There are two social changes that have brought danger into peoples’ lives for instance agricultural and industrial revolution. The emergence of new technologies has influenced peoples’ lives severely on earth

In the U.S, the number of cars is increasing at a blistering pace than human population. The combustion from cars and other machines leads to pollution hence demonstrating the issue of environmental action discussed in chapter 16. Reducing consumption will be seen as the appropriate approach through which a nation can attain a sustainable future. Materialism and wealth does not determine peoples’ well being as many people might think.

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As this case reveals, the Muslim travelers were prejudged as being terrorists on the basis of being alleged for terrorism, which was mainly based on their physical appearance. Considering the previous cases of Muslim terrorists attacking US airplanes, generalization on how all Muslims are perceived as terrorists is brought out in this case

Precisely, the Metropolitan police seem prejudiced on their action of convicting the Muslim travelers with terrorism without proofing the allegation. In the above case, stereotype seems to dominate the entire proceedings since the Muslim leaders are generally annexed on the basis of their race (Gaines & Miller, 2010). Considering the general perception of Muslims being associated with terrorism attacks, prejudged assumptions by the Metropolitan police as such Muslims being threat for peaceful journey portrays how stereotyping results into prejudice, which in turn causes discrimination. The manhandling of the Muslim leaders by the police shows how the there exist pre-judged assumptions that all Muslims are terrorists. Being considered as a minority in US, the Muslims are brought out as being exposed to racial profiling on the basis of the previous terrorist acts by various Muslim groups. As noted by Myres (2009), this act of prejudice is very dangerous in the society since it leads to suffering of innocent persons, since a behavior of a small group is generalized for the entire social entity.

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In conclusion, even when a person is disposed to aggress and has the capability of behaving aggressively, it still requires a specific situation in order for the act to commence

Thus, in order to fully understand the complicated nature of aggression, further research is required in all areas before it is possible to accurately state with any conclusion what the origins and causes are for aggression in humans.

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Gaines, L. & Miller, R. (2010). Criminal Justice in Action, 6th Edition. New York: Thomson Publishing.

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