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Carbon Footprint

* How big is your carbon footprint and how many people were you accounting for?
* If you do not want to reveal the number of people you reside with you can just divide your total by the number of people you entered at the beginning of the survey for your individual answer
* What can you do to reduce your carbon footprint?
* The epa website also has an equivalency calculator that will tell you, for example, that you can offset a year of driving by planting 127 trees and letting them grow for 10 years. That calculator can be found here : - please see attached document
* What stands in the way of reducing your carbon footprint?
* Were there items that this calculator did not take into account that you think it should have?
* Should cities be responsible for offsetting carbon generated by community resources such as public transportation? Road maintenance? Waste collection and processing? How could this be done?

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