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Innovating to Zero

Bill Gates discusses some of the challenges facing us in the near future. There are many different approaches that we could take regarding these challenges: we could say that it's hopeless and give up, believing that no solution is possible, or we could deny that there is a climate change problem and do nothing; for most of us, it's somewhere in-between: let's find a solution - let's find an "energy miracle". Bill Gates presents a formula to analyze the various solutions to the problem of excess CO2, in our search for an energy miracle. He lists some of the benefits and some of the problems of each. He ends with a nuclear approach that he is backing called TerraPower.

After watching the video, go out on the web and find some information on TerraPower or one of these other technologies which could deal with the reduction of carbon emissions to zero. For example, the optional video on liquid fluoride thorium reactors (LFTRs) has strong similarities to TerraPower.
Write a brief (1 page) review of this video, along with your findings. The paper should discuss the possibilities of reducing carbon emissions to zero, and the consequences if we do not.

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