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Cause and Effect of Racism in America

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No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin, or his background or his religion. People learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love.’ A noble quote from wise man, Nelson Mandela who fought against racism

Racism exists ever since the start of capitalism by the whites and slave trading is one of the examples. In America, slavery first began in the 16th century and this is when the racism started. What makes racism? Racism comes from the prejudices and discriminations of someone against another and it is driven by the belief that one’s own race is more superior than others.

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As tensions continue to rise, justice seems to be failing the black people of the United States in many instances. New killings are reported nearly every day in a country that seems to have lost control of both its police force and its respect for people of color. How does the country address this? How can we teach our children to respect the law, respect others, and respect cultural differences in a world that seems to concentrate only on the negative? Systemic racism is being addressed in classrooms across the nation, including teenagers and college student’s classes (Hofer). Some believe that systemic racism will always exist; but this is not a belief held by everyone; a film called “I’m Not Racist, Am I?” has been used in Rochester, New York, to promote discussions of predisposed racism in college students. The film consists of deep and open discussion between twelve teenagers of different cultural, racial, and economic backgrounds, and the challenges they face in confronting and correctly handling racism, and is worth a look. The biggest change we can make is with ourselves – being aware of the reasons we believe certain things about certain people, and examining where the ideas and beliefs truly come from

This requires a deep examination and awareness of the self, something that teens are not necessarily known for. The truth is that deconstructing racism comes from experience, meaningfulness for certain age groups, and open discussion – these things come with time and persistence, and are innately present in people when they are born.

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The US population also used abusive and hatred language referring to the immigrants. They used some nick names that were evidence of their hatred to the non Americans

Those from Latin background were referred to as Spic. Italians were referred to as Dogo, Guinea and Grease. Kike, Chink, Polack and Hun were also used together with many others (Racial Discrimination in America During the 1920’s 1). In 1917 there was Bolshevik revolution.US reacted towards it. There was a belief that the Europeans were going to take over US. This was known as Red Scare. The Europeans were holding many riots and strikes in the labor force. This cost the Europeans a lot of suffering. Just after this the justice department organized for their arrest and they arrested about 6000 people. They raided their homes to get hold of the so called anarchists and communists (Racial Discrimination in America During the 1920’s 1). The raids were named after the attorney general of that time Mitchell Palmer who had planned for them. America was filled with fear of losing its power and consequently immigration restricted. Even those in the rural areas believed that the law was right since the immigrants wanted to change their way of life (Racial Discrimination in America During the 1920’s 1). So far much have been done though not every idea has been achieved. The new constitution clearly indicates that people should not be discriminated under whichever grounds. The education system is being streamlined to allow all to have an equal opportunity (Taylor 1.); an evidence of an attempt to have everybody have an equal opportunity is seen through the implementation if the No Child Left Behind Act.

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In a word, in states where capital punishment is legal, the punishment is more frequently used in cases where the victim of a homicide is White than when the victim is Black or a member of other minority communities

In addition, capital punishment is used more often when the perpetrator of a homicide is a member of a minority group than when he or she is White. The effect of racism on the prison population can only be minimized if participation of members of the minority communities in the criminal justice system is increased. This will provide minorities with equal protection and defence as that offered to the whites.

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