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Brand Management - The Michel & Augustin Case

 Learning Objectives
• Illustrate the challenges of brand positioning and design
• Appreciate the challenges involved in building a start-up brand
• Develop strategies for growing a small brand
• Appreciate the role of marketing mix, especially distribution and advertising, in brand building

 Case and Assignment
• Prepare Michel & Augustin case. The case Illustrates the challenges faced by
Entrepreneurs launching a new product in a highly competitive market with limited resources. For aspiring entrepreneurs, the case offers an exciting opportunity to discuss the specific challenges related to launching a brand for a start-up. Prepare answers for the following questions. Your write up should not exceed two pages. Your preparation of the case and the write-up should be based on the case only. Do not use current information or information from online sources. A spelling/grammar check Is recommended before submission. The write-up is due at the beginning of the class.
1. Is this an attractive market? You can use any framework (such as Porter's 5 forces) to do this.
2. How would you position the Michel et Augustin brand? use the concepts from the course to construct your answer. If you draw a positioning map, that can be in page 3 (appendix) .
3. What should the marketing plan look like? Provide a brief description. Be sure to address all aspects of a marketing plan. What challenges do you anticipate in the execution of the marketing plan?
Devote at least 3/4ths of a page for this answer

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