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Social Work Practice With Families: Summary of I'd Hear Laughter

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In this video, “I’d hear laughter”: Finding Solutions for the Family, Insoo demonstrates solution-focused therapy with a family consisting of two parents and their teenage daughter.

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Children and teenagers are all to often the scapegoat to a family's troubles and the impetus for a family to enter therapy. In this video, Insoo Kim Berg shows us how to help a family come together as a whole to build on their strengths and collaborate on solutions. Berg demonstrates her approach in two therapy sessions with a family. Judy is at wits end with her husband, Lou, who won't help out at home and with her daughter, Sarah, who prefers to hang out with her boyfriend instead of going to school

Sarah is sick of her mother nagging her and of the tense atmosphere at home. Lou is struggling with unemployment and admits that the family doesn't laugh anymore. Berg uses techniques to reconnect this family so that they can build on what has brought them together in the past and hear laughter in the home again.

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In many organizations, women do light jobs such as secretarial work or marketing. The central roles are dominated by men who are responsible for planning, policy making and moving the organizations towards the realization of their mission and vision (Rivas, 2013). Many professional women or the “working mothers” are faced with role multiplicity

At home, they are supposed to be good mothers and wives. They are supposed to ensure that the children are well fed, are healthy and clean (Gregory, 2003). They are also supposed to take good care of their husbands. At the work place, they are supposed to produce good results either as managers or as normal employees. This makes them fall short of what is expected of them at the work place.

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Usually, related parties should also be careful to avoid inappropriate conditions that may create possible limitations to the professional and self-development of social workers

Moreover, other researches emphasize on how different conditions affect the self-reflection process of social work students in reflective social work practice. In summary under appropriate conditions, social workers’ critical self-reflection can be very constructive, resulting in self-enhancement, leading to improvement in social work practice and enables students to plan and focus on what they need to do to improve social imbalance in society.

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Rivas, F.S. (2013). Burnout, workplace support, job satisfaction and life satisfaction among social workers in Spain: A structural equation model International Social Work, 56: 228-246.

Gregory, R.F. (2003). Women and workplace discrimination: overcoming barriers to gender equality. New York: Rutgers University Press.

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