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Religious Discrimination Lawsuit

Religious discrimination has always been a volatile topic for HR managers, but it has become even more so in today’s world. Conduct a search of the internet or other source for a lawsuit involving a case of someone claiming their right to religious freedom, as described in the bill of rights, has been violated.
• Format EXACTLY as follows using headings & numbered responses
1. Lawsuit: (somebody v. somebody) or other identifying name
2. Summary: give a good, basic description of the circumstances
3. Outcome: list the court ruling if there is any and why they ruled that way
4. Legal Opinion: Based on what you have learned in this course and on sound legal doctrine, do you agree or
disagree with the decision? If no decision has been reached then what would you decide.
5. Prevention: What could the company have done BEFORE the lawsuit happened to PREVENT lawsuits like
this from ever occurring?
6. Source: url, website or other source (2 sources)

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