Instructions How to Write

Draft of Targeted Resume


Visit online job search sites or talent networks and select a job ad for which you will target your resume. Paste the text of the job ad that includes the full description of the job, including the job title, job requirements, skills, knowledge, and so forth, into a Microsoft Word document.

Your targeted resume must include the following components.

Personal information (name, address, phone number, email address, LinkedIn Profile link)
For the purpose of this assignment, you may use generic information for the address and phone number.
The Target Job Title matching the job ad
Professional Summary that reflects the student's skills and experiences relative to the job description (not an Objective; must be a Professional Summary)
Omit any personal pronouns (for example: I, me, my).
Education history that includes accurate degree title; for example, A.A. or B.S. in _____
A Skills Summary that includes both technical and transferable skills organized in a logical order
Work experience that is summarized by using achievement statements, not task lists
Summarize your work experience in four to five points under each position held, focusing on concrete and measurable accomplishments. Do not use personal pronouns.

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