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Which Organizational Theories Are Best Suited to Policing

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Think about police departments, the focus of this article, we are talking about organizations that do value work. Their constituents, those who are sovereign or whose opinions affect operational and strategic decisions, tend to frame values in terms of public safety first, and then in terms of other values such as due process, hiring and retention, gender equity, and public relations. They also must consider internal constituents, such as line officers who attain sovereignty vis-aÂ-vis collective bargaining.

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The federalism includes federal, state and local levels of the law enforcement. The different level agencies have their unique organization and they carry out their operations independently

However, they combine forces when need arises. The police are one of the major law enforcement agencies in the United States of America. The police agencies have a responsibility of detection and prevention of crime, maintenance of public order and apprehension of criminals in America. The police officers also protect the citizens and properties. This essay describes the various types of police agencies in the US and how each is organized. It also identifies the principal roles of the police organizations as it applies to the law and identifies the major organizational theories that are associated with policing. At the same time, police work is undergoing significant change as those in the field continue to grapple with the challenging issues facing modern-day law enforcement — from the increasing impact of video (citizen smartphones and police body cameras) to anti-terrorism efforts and the opioid epidemic

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Problem-oriented policing advocates argued that analysis of problems and strategic interventions would be a more effective long-term strategy for reducing the calls-for-service workload by solving or reducing the problems (Goldstein 1990; Sparrow et al 1990)

Hotpsots policing required that officers concentrate their efforts in certain small geographic areas to deter and incapacitate disorderly and illegal activity. And Compstat called for an organizational structure that delegated key mobilization decisions to the middle managers running the precincts, while at the same time holding them accountable for results that were routinely reviewed by top management (Silverman 1999). Furthermore, some programs required that first-level supervisors take a more active role in how officers were deployed – some being freed entirely from the responsibility of answering calls-for-service so that police could focus more resources on working with the community and solving problems (Skogan and Hartnett 1997).

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Thus, the last few decades have shifted police from a force to a service oriented organization

Community policing is perhaps the most popular and the most demanded policing method among the law enforcement authorities, and has been implemented by many countries in recent years. However, implementation of community policing programs have always been problematic.

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