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Natural Resourses Depletion

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Depletion of natural resources will eventually lead to a world with lesser elements to survive and makes human life a hardship. Natural resources are the ones that maintain equilibrium in the environment and life. Natural resources like air, water, solar energy, soil, minerals, coal, etc., are those basic elements that we, living beings, use to lead a normal life. Depletion of natural resources will completely stun the day to day life of a human being as well as fellow living things.

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The present-day world is incessantly becoming industrialized as more and more countries make major technological breakthroughs. But as technological advancements continue, there is similarly a considerable growth in industries that release toxins and chemical by-products which are eventually deposited in lakes, soils, and lands. As a result, the by-products and toxic materials alter natural habits such as aquatic systems and wildlife

Examples of the impacts include acidic lakes, dead zones, and the death of wildlife as well as aquatic life. Industrial and technological advancements have also driven the demand for virgin materials for research, development, and production. More resources are hence being used to satisfy the industrial demands, increasing the rate of natural resource depletion.

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In an effort to offset the depletion of resources, theorists have come up with depletion accounting. Better known as 'green accounting,' depletion accounting aims to account for nature's value on an equal footing with the market economy.[Boyd, James (15 March 2007)] Resource depletion accounting uses data provided from countries to estimate the adjustments needed due to their use and depletion of the natural capital available to them.[Vincent, Jeffrey (February 2000)] Natural capital are natural resources such as mineral deposits or timber stocks

Depletion accounting factors in several different influences such as the number of years until resource exhaustion, the cost of resource extraction and the demand of the resource.

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All in all, we have a lot of major causes and things that give rise to the depletion of natural resources in our planet earth. We are beginning to really see that depletion of natural resources is a thing and there is the need for us to be careful about our consumption of these natural resources. There is a need for us to learn how to find a balance between resources preservation and economic development

If we fail to do this and exhaust all of our natural resources, there would not be any more natural resources for us to exploit and use to meet all of our needs.

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