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Edge Computing vs Cloud Computing

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is generating an unprecedented volume and variety of data. But by the time the data makes its way to the cloud for analysis, the opportunity to act on it might be gone

This white paper, intended for IT and operational technology professionals, explains a new model for analyzing and acting on IoT data. It is called either edge computing or Fog computing.

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Before understanding the concept of edge computing, cloudlets and fog computing, we need to understand what cloud computing is and why is it needed. Cloud computing provides computing services on-demand over the internet. Cloud computing’s backbone is datacenter which does storage and computation of data, multiple datacenters are connected through optical network to form a data center network (DCN). Cloud computing has gained popularity among organisations due to: self service capability- No need to keep hardware and software maintenance staff. Scalability-Its easier for organisation to expand. They can use infrastructure according to there requirement in case of need to expand they can request for more infrastructure from the cloud provider.

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The decision to utilize cloud and grid computing by a firm requires the final decision to be in the hands of the top-level management. This is because the projects have a long shelf life and are costly. All the risks associated with these technologies should be tabled and compared to the current deficiencies in the firm. A parallel comparison with the expected returns and associated investment costs should also be presented

The estimated duration of the project should be taken into account. If the management decides to go forward with the project, a representative should be selected to be the project manager and overseer (Furht and Escalante, 2010).

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Obviously, edge computing vs. cloud computing is not an either-or debate, nor are they direct competitors. Rather, they provide more computing options for your organization’s needs as a tandem. To implement this type of hybrid solution, identifying those needs and comparing them against costs should be the first step in assessing what would work best for you.

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