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Cultural Psychological Challenges of Refugee Children: Language Barriers of Children in Schools

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Communication is an essential part of our day to day lives. We use it in almost everything we do

Although effective communication does not guarantee success, its absence usually assures problems. In the U.S. language barriers can create many problems for non-English speaking immigrants that might include, but are certainly not limited to, difficulty finding employment, difficulty obtaining medical care, and difficulty achieving an education.

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Language barrier indicates the difficulties faced when both the sender and receiver do not have any languages in common attempt to communicate with each other. Language barrier happens usually when travelling abroad for a business trip

This is common during multinational meetings. Different countries have their own local language, foreign who visited the other country who does not know their language find it difficult to communicate with the local people is also a language barrier in communication. Even communicating with both using the same language, a linguistic difference will also lead to a communication barrier. Certain same words with many different types of meaning will lead to misinterpretation. For example the word value, it can represent the meaning of worthiness of something with its importance and usefulness or a principle standard or quality which is worthwhile or desirable. Communication barriers will occur if the perception is wrong received by the receiver. Sometimes when you speak too much in a presentation or in a meeting, you have to be aware on the information you shared out rather if it is necessary. This is because the more unnecessary info being shared out, there will be a risk which your listeners will misinterpret your point. Lack of focus from the listeners will occur when the speaker prepares a topic which is not interesting, having loads of information which is not really necessary in the presentation or taking long hours in the speech. This will sometimes relate to listeners getting distracted or thinking of something else not related to the speaker. When listeners have lack of knowledge of what is presented by the speaker, it will also cause communication barrier. Too much information from the speaker will lead to the listeners harder to focus effectively on the key point and important messages. Speaking too fast in a presentation can also cause communication barrier, listeners will not likely get the main point which the speaker is trying to share out.

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Due to communication gaps, employers might not see the value in a foreign applicant. This may emanate from language mistakes or wrong answering of questions caused by poor understanding of the language being used (Roush, 2008). Foreign students seeking admissions in learning institutions may also be less considered because of their ineffective communication skills. Language barriers may also trigger cultural conflicts. For instance, different cultures have different ways of greeting each other or expressing gratitude

Based on such variations, it is possible for miscommunications to arise when certain things are not done the way they have been done before in one’s home country (Sherry, Thomas & Wing, 2010). This is therefore, a major challenge, which immigrants need to beware of before going to study or work a foreign country. As globalization takes center stage and countries get smaller every day, there are new ways of communication that are being adopted. One of these approaches is language. The role played by any language, whether local or international is always immeasurable (Green, 2009). As discussed above, the purpose of a language gets undermined when there are differences, which breed communication barriers.

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In either case, communication plays an essential role in an organization

There are a number of ways in which communication take place within an organization and with the outside suppliers. All sorts of communication have its own merits and drawbacks. Different types of communication barriers also exist that can cause a great hindrance in effective communication. These barriers can come either from the sender or the receiver or in some cases from both sides.

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