Instructions How to Write

The Effectiveness of Motivational Interviewing in Reducing Ambivalence and Increasing Intrinsic Motivation in Individuals Entering Substance Abuse Treatment

Follow these instructions to complete the methods and conclusion sections of your proposal. Include the following:

Study Sample
Describe your population and sample, giving any history you feel is important to the evaluation.
Provide information as to how you intend to implement ethical safeguards such as insuring confidentiality and gaining informed consent.

Operationalize your dependent variable so that it is measureable, then discuss how you will measure change in the variable from a holistic perspective. In other words, clearly describe your measurement plan.
Because you will measure change holistically, you likely will need to use more than one type of measurement tool in the measurement plan. Discuss the tools you are using and why you chose to use them.
What are the potential advantages and disadvantages of using these types of measurements?

Discuss any potential issues (strengths or needs) regarding your measurement tools as they relate to diversity or social justice.
Include copies of your measure, log sheets, behavioral chart system, or other measurement tools in the Appendix.

Research Design
Discuss the type of evaluation design you will be using.
Why are you using this particular type of group research design, and what are the potential benefits and problems associated with using this type of design?

Data Analysis Plan
Briefly describe how you plan to analyze your data.
How will you know if your intervention has been successful?

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