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Critique a Ted Talk

For the speech critique choose a speech of your choice from then watch, take notes and write a 500-750 words response.

Each speech should be long enough to critique (minimum 7-20 minutes). Students should not just summarize, but instead make specific observations and critique the effectiveness of the speaker (appearance, voice, volume, dress, performance, the speech, the presentation, the audience, the audience feedback, and the physical setting.

A works cited page is required for the speech and also the textbook (see first page of this syllabus for APA) if you cite from the book.

Observe and take notes about the rhetorical situation including the speaker, audience, and setting (see details below).

Include at the beginning of the paper the following: Who (speaker), what (speech title), When (date/time), Where, and Why.

DO NOT SUMMARIZE THE SPEECH BUT INSTEAD CRITIQUE IT. Analyze clarity, organization, and vividness. Describe relevance and usefulness to the audience. Was the speech effective or not, and how so? Was the speech easy to follow, can you identify what the thesis statement was (with the main points of speech)? What was the conclusion like? Did the speaker restate their thesis in their conclusion? Were any visual or audio aids used? Were the sources verbalized in speech? Did they connect with the audience successfully?

DETAILS OF CRITICAL ANALYSIS PAPERS: After taking detailed notes on the observations, students are then to type a 500-750 Word document. Information to write about includes:

Speaker/Speech Analysis and his/her effectiveness including the speech message. This includes the content, organization and delivery. Also critique the speaker’s performance, information, effectiveness, voice, nonverbal, visual/audio aids, interactions with audience, etc.

Note any special attributes that affect the situation.

Observe credibility, appearance, ethos (ethical appeal), logos (logical appeal), and pathos (emotional appeal) of speaker, and his/her delivery style.

AUDIENCE ANALYSIS and what was the audience feedback and interactions with the speaker? Include details such as the audience size, demographics, how they responded, such as clapping, head nodding, etc.

PHYSICAL SETTING (where the presentation took place). Include physical setting and/or social/psychological climate. Provide insights about the effects of time of day, length or speech, and surroundings.

WHAT YOU FIND EFFECTIVE OR INEFFECTIVE AND WHY. What was effectively said or done and why?

What was not effectively said and done and why not?

Give details/examples from the speech to support your criticism.

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