Instructions How to Write

Generation Gap, Paper Review

 First paragraph:
 1 – 2 sentences: Why is topic important?
(if you had to tell your Grandma why she should care, what would you tell her?)
 1 – 2 sentences: What is the research problem (*Note: this is different from the hypothesis):
 Research Problem can be either:
1. A disagreement between papers/people on the topic, or 2. A ‘gap’ (something is missing) in the literature on the topic
 Ultimately, your research study will ‘answer’ the research problem: 1. It will help resolve the disagreement, or
2. It will fill in this ‘gap’
 Remaining 2 – 3 paragraphs:
 Talk about your research problem in more depth:
 If it is a disagreement, compare and contrast papers that relate to your research problem
 If it is a ‘gap’, talk about what is known and what is still unknown/missing
 Each paragraph should make a single overall point (WHY are you telling the reader this information?)
 Last Paragraph:
 Summarize the past 3 – 4 paragraphs
 Restate the research problem and introduce the variables you will specifically look at in your study  Your hypothesis is the last sentence of your Introduction
 At least five peer-reviewed articles cited in your Introduction

1. Significance
A. Increase of positive attitudes to exersize
B. Increase in how much people want to be healthy
C. Can assist in overall mental control
2. theories
A. Theory of planned behavior (Intention+PBC)

3. previous studies
A. Summarize previous study 1 and findings B. . Summarize previous study 2 and findings
C. . Summarize previous study 3and findings
4.My study
A. Summarize everything above
B. Introduce variables (PBC+Intention relating to exercise)
C. ****Hypothesis: How often (i.e. intention) participants plan to exercise is positively related to how much control they think they have (i.e. perceived behavioral control) over exercising (Intentions vs. Perceived Behavioral Control, bivariate correlation)

5 journal articles attached.

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