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Dirty War Overview

Watch the HBO video Dirty War.

Prepare a Position Paper that is an academic response to what you saw in the video. In your paper, you can write about how you were affected by the events that occurred, by how the emergency responders performed their duties, how the public was affected by the experience, the program itself, the governments’ actions, and any other course relevant topics that you would like to express your views on. Do you feel that we, the United States, are taking the necessary precautions to prevent these types of instances? Why or why not? How do you feel about terrorism? How can we protect ourselves from radical terrorists? What do you think would be the ramifications of something like this happening in Wall Street NYC?

***MOST IMPORTANTLY: How did the video affect you personally? You can also talk about any other relevant topics to our studies that you saw related to this course. You can also use a personal experience that relates to the video and this course.

***Do not give me a summary of the video. I saw it and I know what happens. This is a “personal impact paper” based on what you viewed and how it personally affected you!!***

Here is the link to the movie that you need to see so you can write the paper based on that movie

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