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Aspects of Life of Umberto Eco

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Umberto Eco is an Italian author who is best known for mystery novels that reflect Eco’s vast knowledge on subjects such as religion, literature, history, politics and philosophy. Umberto’s most brilliant work to date remains his 1980 novel, The Name of the Rose which is a mystery involving intellectual aspects of semiotics, literary theory, medieval history and biblical analysis. In addition to writing novels, Umberto has also excessively contributed to the science of semiotics through his studies, research and other academic works. His literary talents have also made him a philosopher, essayist and literary critic from time to time.

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Umberto Eco was an Italian essayist, philosopher, novelist and literary critic, known for his pioneering novel ‘The Name of the Rose’

He was a renowned researcher and writer in the field of aesthetics and semiotics. His father wanted him to become a lawyer but Eco pursued medieval philosophy and literature from the University of Turin. After that he worked as a cultural editor at the RAI. He wrote six fiction novels and many essays on contemporary semiotics. A number of his works have been translated in many foreign languages. His first fictional novel ‘The Name of the Rose’ established him firmly in the international literary scenario. He has always worked with a queer balance between history, reality and fantasy in all of his fictional work. His contribution to the mass media culture is immense through his essays such as ‘Fenomenologia di Mike Bongjorno (Phenomenology of Mike Bongjorno). He was honored with doctorates from respected literary institutions like Indiana University, Rutgers University, etc.

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As has been noted, Umberto Eco is a best-selling author of mystery novels that reflect his many intellectual interests and wide-ranging knowledge of philosophy, literature, medieval history, religion, and politics. His academic work in semiotics, the science of signs by which individuals and cultures communicate, has made important contributions to studies of popular culture as well as to communication science and information theory.

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