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High-Performance Culture

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Managing employee performance is a key part of effective leadership. Research has shown that managers who engage in effective performance management produce extraordinary business results compared with those who do not

One study demonstrated 50 percent less staff turnover, 10 to 30 percent higher customer satisfaction ratings, 40 percent higher employee commitment ratings and double the net profits.

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A high-performance culture helps the organization achieve high levels of performance and results consistently over time. It’s no wonder then that building a high-performance culture is a chief goal for many organizations as it can mean the difference between stagnation and growth, competitiveness and being left behind. Regardless of industry, company size, or location, high-performance cultures can be identified by a range of common attributes.Leadership is the foundation upon which team performance is built. Leaders set the tone, communicate goals, and directly impact employee performance in a variety of ways. In a high-performance work culture, leaders drive goal execution and are a catalyst for team performance. Leaders set the bar for performance through their behaviors and actions. They also exhibit enthusiasm for the accomplishment of challenging goals and demonstrate how to overcome hurdles that can get in the way of team execution. For example, a leader who works hard to exceed sales goals or learn a new process will inspire their employees to do the same. Leaders of high-performance teams motivate employees and inspire them to give their best to the projects at hand. They are both cheerleader and coach, creating an environment where employees feel engaged and inspired. In setting goals and giving feedback, leaders in a high-performance culture communicate clear, measurable, and action-oriented goals. They communicate with empathy and give feedback that builds trust and encourages employees to perform to their potential.

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According to the article, an organizational culture develops employee commitment towards the organization, and although the labor market may be appealing, individuals will be contented to remain in a given organization (Rosenthal & Masarech, 2003). However, the writer fails to address a situation where an organization has several conflicting cultures. The steps that can be used to ensure the diverse culture existing in a single organization are aligned to the firm’s objectives. However, a strong culture is beneficial to the firm as it helps it achieve its set objectives through constant motivation.According to exhibit 5 in the article, my company values are embedded in day-to-day operations (Rosenthal & Masarech, 2003)

The management is responsible for the communication of company mission and values to the employees. By the banking firm, I am currently working with, workshops are undertaken to orientate the new employees on the mission and values treasured by the firm. Also, the assigning of roles is by individual expertise is done. The firm has also empowered different departments to nurture values that are in line with the company’s objective to help achieve the company’s main goal of making profits and maintaining its competitive edge.

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In short, it is very obvious that companies with High Performance Working are found more productive, highly successful in customer satisfaction, improved product and service qualities and so forth than those companies that didn’t use High Performance working

Organizations that seek further development in its core competencies and total output must turn their attention towards this growing trend of High Performance working system.

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