Instructions How to Write

Movie Proposal

Requirements: You will write a movie proposal. This needs to be an original film, meaning you will come up with the story and characters yourself. It can be any genre, but it must feature intercultural communication and the intercultural communication must be central to the story.

The four sections this paper must have are:

Premise - What is the general gist of your film? What is the main question it will be addressing? (1 paragraph)
Plot Synopsis: Take me through an in-depth description of what will happen over the course of the film. What are the major events? How does it start? How does it end? (3-5 pages)
Character Bios: Who are your main characters? What drives them? Where do they start the story? Do they change or are they static? What is their role? (0.5 page/character.)
Analysis: Tell me how your film relates to intercultural communication. What about your film is intercultural? What theories does it explore? What terms, taxonomies, stereotypes etc. are featured/addressed and how is your story influenced by them? (2-4 pages)

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