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Annie Hall Film Analysis

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The award winning film Annie Hall depicts the comedic story of two very different lovers. Alvy Singer, played by Woody Allen, who also directed the film, and Annie Hall, played by Diane Keaton create an interesting dynamic through their superb acting skills. Throughout the film the two characters clearly have distinct differences that, in the end, result in an unsuccessful romantic relationship as both end up with new partners. These numerous personal differences that weigh heavily on the relationship of this couple are clearly evident and expanded upon in an important scene set in Annie Hall’s parent’s home where Annie, along with Alvy, joins her family for their customary Easter dinner.

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Before Annie, Alvy had two failed marriages. The story had no provided clear explanation of why he failed these two relationships, but we can still make a guess based on the story plot. It might because of Alvy’s Neuroticism characteristic and different expectations on each other

Alvy and Annie were sweet and passionate at the beginning of theirs relationship. They had sex frequently that could “possibly get a Guinness record”, which is a joke from Alvy. However, time made it different now. They gradually had sexual problem leading Alvy thought that Annie did not make love with him wholeheartedly, however, Annie insisted that “there was just a proceeding to another stage of their relationship”. Other than their sexual problem, Alvy and Annie were holding very different views towards lives. Annie thought Alvy did not try to understand her and was too self-central. For instance, when Annie had a bad mood due to overslept, Alvy just thought that she was angry since she was in a period. Annie said he was too selfish to improve himself depend on her, since Alvy of thought she was not smart enough and lack of education. Moreover, Alvy did not like marriage and commitment, which made Annie mad and reconsider about their relationship, “Did Alvy really love her?” But, we can understand that Alvy express his love in own special ways.

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Alvy has been married and divorced twice and his third relationship with Annie lasts for only one year and it seems like he is yet to find true love

Their two extremely different personality traits are shown during their trip to Los Angeles. Annie enjoys being in the city but Alvy can not wait to be out of it and be back in New York (Carvill 1). Allen is trying to show how hard it can be to find true love. His attempt to win Annie back when they meet futile despite the fact that he has contributed significantly to Annie’s current success as a musician.At one point, he tries to avoid having sex with his ex-wife Allison by talking about Kennedy’s assassination (Shumway 171). He even attempts to seek for a solution from unknown people by asking passers by questions about love, and they are willing to answer him on what they think makes a relationship successful (Conard, Skoble139). He also tries to relate this problem with his past, for instance during the visit to the doctor together with his mother and the incident in class when he was found kissing a young girl. According to Conard and Skoble, the author is trying to show the temporary nature of love (140). He shows that love has a start, events that follow thereafter and finally love comes on an end. The initial bliss is not always there.

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Obviously, in Singer’s perception this impossibility becomes entirety possible; in the next scene Rob speaks with Aunt Tessie, a face from the past. This relates Singer’s belief that the past intertwines with the present and future, and interaction is necessary for understanding all states of time and perhaps himself. This results in the triumph of free association narrative, which Bergman utilized most famously in his film Persona (1966).Annie Hall is a story whose form is dictated by the free associations of its main character

This is established in the first seemingly bland scene that reveals Singer’s persona, which dictates the style of the film.

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