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The news article I found was off of the Scientific American website, written by Roni Jacobson, and it caught my eye because the title was “Sensation of Taste Is Built into Brain.” I remembered learning about taste and the way in which we taste foods and the different tastes we have, so I was interested in what this article had to say.

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The research was done by scientists at Columbia University who used mice to perform tests on how taste could be manipulated through the brain. The scientists used a process called optogenetics—a technique that uses penetrating light and genetic manipulation to turn brain cells on and off. For me, the article gained some credibility when it eluded to the fact that there is no taste map on the tongue and that the papillae of all five of the taste sensations are scattered evenly around the tongue. This was a myth we alsodebunked during our course this semester

Furthermore, the scientists focused in on the mice’s sweet and bitter taste centers in the brain because they are the most distinct from each other.

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The philosopher was the first to note the dangers of group-thinking, but not the last

Although everyone is aware of it, most people, particularly business are prone to the problem. The author notes that high-ranking personnel are in danger of the problem or difficulty. The only way out of it is to hire people who do not rely on the decisions of others. Some of the leaders are dysfunctional and suffer from low esteem.

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Hamilton W.D. (1964). The genetical evolution of social behaviour. International Journal of Theoretical Biology, 7, 1–16.

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