Instructions How to Write

Components of the Research Paper

The basic outline is as follows:
• Abstract
• Introduction
• Methods
• Results
• Discussion
• Conclusion
Assignment: (Please submit in Word: .doc or docx)
Using the article you expanded upon in last week's discussion board (trust me, it can be fun to go back and re-read/review/analyze one specific article), you're going to look a little closer at some additional questions in reviewing the components of a research study.
This is just a review from NUR 3164 of the research process and identifying the components of the research process:
1. Identify the PICO question (again)
2. Identify the measurable variable
2. Identify how data collected
3. Analyze data using statistical methods (Don't overthink this ~ use the info in ch 5, p.72)
4. Review statistical and analytical methods used for analysis (Again, don't overthink this ~ we will look at statistical methods down the road, but you've all had statistics ~ present the article's analytical findings and summarize them in your own words.)
5. Evaluate the quality Based on the following guidelines: Guidelines_on_how_to_evaluate_a_research.pdf
6. Evaluate the validity (review internal and external validity) of research studies (Your text doesn't discuss evaluation of validity and quality up until now in your reading, but grapple a little with this ~ You remember confidence indexes (CI) from statistics... odds ratios (OR)...Review some of this data and try to make some sense of it.) For your review: Patina & Ferreria (2018).Internal & External Validity.pdf
6. Identify the data collection methods & procedures for your study (either qualitative, quantitative/ mixed research methods). If they used an instrument such as a survey or a questionnaire, did they speak to the validation of the questionnaire.
7. Were you able to identify all of the steps (based on the general outline listed above) in YOUR quantitative/qualitative research article? What was missing?
8. Summarize your article's findings in one to two sentences in your own words.
Enjoy the process!
This assignment should be presented as a scholarly report
• The paper should be written in full sentences and be approx. 2-3 pages in length (not incl. title page, reference list), APA 6th or 7th Ed. (formatted CHOOSE one or the other). No abstract needed
• Your research article for review should be no older than 4 yrs. and must be from a peer reviewed journal.
• The reference of your article must be formatted using APA guidelines
• As a General Note for all assignments:
o If a reference is included on your reference list, it must have a corresponding in-text citation.
o Limit of 1 direct quotations per paper.
o All information should be a paraphrase or summary with a properly formatted in-text citation at the end example: (Steury, 2019) with a corresponding reference on the reference list.
o If you copy and paste text without quotations and a corresponding in-text citation, it is considered plagiarism.

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