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Critical Thinking - Sensation and Perception

Have you ever seen a flower from far away? Does that flower have a scent? Probably not. As one gets closer, they may be able to smell the aroma of the flower. How does a flower become a sent that is recognizable by the brain. This activity should help you solidify your understanding of how sensations become perceptions.Each type of sensory input converts a specific type of stimulus into a neural code that is interpreted by the brain and contributes to the representation of the world around us. The common thread across all the senses is the use of the neural code to transmit the information. The question arises then, if all the senses use the same neural code, action potentials, how do we distinguish between the types of stimuli. In this critical thinking activity, you will create a short voiceover presentation that successfully and persuasively argues your perspective on the topic below. You will use your knowledge about sensation and perception to create a successful oral argument.
Option #2:
We humans tend to view the cortex as the most important brain structure, presumably because we are the species with the largest cortexes. However, one might argue from several perspectives that the lower sensorimotor functions are more important. Make your case.

With either option, you must present some scholarly evidence and an example to support your argument.
1. You should describe how external energy for the sensory system you are focused on is converted into action potentials, known as transduction.
2. Then, describe the specialized cells and the mechanisms they use to make this conversion.
3. Lastly, describe what happens to these action potentials that they are interpreted as different forms of information.

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