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Strategy Cycle

The aim of the research is to give practical knowledge about strategy planning and the whole cycle. The term “Strategy” was abused in the last 15 years in developing countries by consulting companies thanking that was the missing link of being first-word countries. Such countries ended up having unimplementable strategy documents, basically their dreams were written with no implementation plans and no operational plans. The terms: initiatives, KPI and Strategic Planning were poorly discussed in university curriculums, to employees and decision makers. This due to many reasons; lack of its importance awareness and to keep the need to consulting firms.
This will give enough information to decision makers, who have different specialties, about strategic planning in readable and understandable words to be able to; examine an existing strategy or an existing plan, find the missing component in a strategy document or a plan, build operational plans of an existing strategy and finally build their own strategy or lead a team and finally implement it.
Strategy cycle – start from strategy with strategic initiatives to execution plans to operation plans with operational initiatives to KPIs and measuring performance...
Chapter 1: Strategy
What is it?
What does it matter?
What are the components of strategy?
Types of Strategies?
By Goals: development strategy, stability strategy, transformation strategy…
By level: Organization Strategy, Sector Strategy, Country Strategy
By Duration: long-term, short-term
Chapter 2: Planning
What is it?
What does it matter?
How to link plans to strategies?
Types of plans?
Execution plan
What is it?
What are the components
When and why it is important
Operational plan
What is it?
What are the components
When and why it is important
Other types of plans...
Chapter 3: Performance
Key performance Indicators – KPIs
How to choose the KPI
What are the characteristics of successful KPI’s
Bad and successful examples of KPI – real examples
How to analysis KPI’s? how to reflect to performance
Other ways to measure performance?
Chapter 4: How to build a strategy
Step 1: Study the current situation
Find strategies to be alight to (ex. country strategy or a sector strategy)
Phase/stage allocation (is it growth phase when development is needed or the organization or sector is mature enough to have a stability strategy)
Examine resources (implementation will need resources, ex. Are the employees ready to have digital system or paperless environment? Budgets? Time?
Step 2: SWOT analysis (Analysis and put together all info collected)
Step 3: explore options and set direction
Step 4: write the strategy components
Step 5: build execution plans and operational plans
Step 6: set a planning governance documents for planners to collect operational plans, monitor actions alignment to strategy goals and measure performance based on the set KPIs, reporting standards to high management
Chapter 5: Case Studies
Examples of successful nation strategies, ex.
Singapore financial sector development strategy
Short history
What was the turning point – a new leader, revolution…
The strategy
How long did it take? how was it started technically? From education sector? overall development plans of all sectors? What are the stages of the strategy?
Results of the strategy in numbers – GDP, employment rate, illiteracy rate, foreign investment rates and amounts…
Analysis – personal statement
Turkish Economic development strategy
Japan education, manufacturing, economic, social development strategy
Oman – a good example of the stability strategy

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