Instructions How to Write

Research High School Athletics and COVID-19 to Determine Whether or Not You Believe High School Sports Should Continue or Not

Draft an essay focusing on the following four components. Please keep in mind, for this assignment you will not be graded on whether or not I agree with your position, rather you will be graded on the following:

Discuss how each component of the SLEEPE principle helped you reach your decision.
Provide a minimum of one paragraph (that means at least 5+ sentences) for each component of the SLEEPE principle, helping you to reach your decision
Justify, using credible sources to support your decision, rather than pure opinion
Then, argue how sport governing organizations (i.e. NFHS State Member Organization or the National NFHS Organization) play a role in the decision behind sports continuing or not continuing during COVID-19

To help you get started, please review the articles and video below:

Should Schools Suspend Sports? The Debate is Getting More Tense

Never Say Never for Conducting Fall High School Sports, Performing Arts

HS Football Team Quarantines After Positive Tests

Guidance for Opening Up High School Athletics and Activities

Playing Sports from the CDC

Youth Sports: Tips to Protect Players from COVID-19

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