Instructions How to Write

Family Immigration History Paper

Conduct some research to find the facts. They may include your ancestors’ original country, their occupations, the means and port of arrival into the US (NY, LA, or else?). Do they migrate alone or with any family members? If alone, did they marry in the U.S. or send for his family later?

Give some possible reasons for immigration. Likely reasons include famine, war, political persecution, slavery, religion or economic opportunity. You can use words like "possible" or "probable" rather than stating facts which are hard to prove. Add information on how these reasons may have impacted when, why and how they immigrated.

Provide information on how they got naturalized. For example, how long it took? Was it easy? Discuss their work, family and life in the U.S., such as where they lived, what they did, how their life was like, and what hardship they endured, etc.

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