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John Oliphant's Work With 'Kylie'

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John Oliphant is a lecturer in Social Work at Flinders University specialising in the areas of trauma and grief. John also has a private practice as a counsellor and trainer. He has a wide range of experience both in the government and non-government sector. Having worked as a case worker through to executive level John has an excellent understanding of all aspects of social welfare organisations

John has acted as a consultant to both small and large organisations in the sector.

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Organizations employ a vast range of social workers. These social workers are engaged in myriads of work within any organization. This work indeed varies from working in a large organization charged with production of goods to organizations that are predominantly engaged in designing and production of services aimed at satisfying communal and even individual needs. Human service organizations employ an immense number of social workers. As a way of example, psychiatrists and psychologists entangle some of the social workers who work much more independently that social workers generally do. Given the complexities of social work service within an organization, many theories have been proposed to explain the nature and the relevance of social workers within an organization.Indeed, this concern forms the criticisms of traditional psychological, philosophical, and historical scholarship. The absence of such assumptions is the building block of the feministic approaches employed in human services organizations. Human services theoretical perspective has at its heart the perception that social work is all about helping people irrespective of the differences either in gender terms or in any other way of classification of organizations’ working population

In this context, human services theory mostly focuses on the resolution of people’s challenges within an organization amid the complexities that exist within human services organizations. In fact, this theory appreciates this nature of complexities.

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Social work is considered as a helping profession because it is majorly concerned with the plight of people who are in difficult situations with an aim of helping them overcome those difficulties. Social workers work in diverse fields both in the private and public sectors such as in rehabilitation centers, child welfare institutions, humanitarian organizations, borstal institutions and homes of the elderly among others (Hare, 2004). Social workers go through the formal education system with a special bias in the social, biological and behavioral sciences

During training, they are exposed to field practicum in which they get an opportunity to work with various organizations where they merge theory with practice (Healy, 2008). Just like other professions such as law or medicine, social work is guided by values, ethics and codes of conduct. Some of the values include competence, integrity, professionalism, social justice and value for human dignity. Some of the core principles include confidentiality, controlled emotional involvement and client self determination among others. Some of the skills include self awareness, observation and critical thinking (Healy, 2007).

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Summing up, the social work practice concentrates on the relationships from the service users to ensure organizational competence from the social worker practitioners. To stick to the normal routines in the interpersonal practice is a daunting task as the routines hinder people’s creativity too much simpler ways

The creation of a policy will strive to create value in the social work as people receive policies set by others to enable them implement plans from other social professionals.

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