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Bullet Story Analysis

let's consider what is implied but not actually stated in Kim Church's potent story, "Bullet." The story's narrator makes a lot of suggestions--about what her relationship with Hobart was like, about what she has survived, and even potentially about a crime she may have committed herself. So what I'd like you to do is reread the story and then share with the class one thing that you think the narrator implies or hints at but never actually states. Here is the question to answer: If, like all flash fiction, "Bullet" leaves most of its story untold and therefore up to the reader's imagination, what is one thing that the narrator implies is part of that untold story? What is one thing that she only hints at? In your answer, be sure to include the quotation that you think contains the hint on which you are basing your ideas. Analyze the quotation in such a way that the rest of us can see why you thought it was hinting at something more. Be creative! Literary critics love doing this kind of detective work, so share with us, in as much detail as you can, what you saw as implied in "Bullet" but never overtly or directly stated.

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