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Florida vs Duval State Epidemiology Discussion

For this discussion, you will be using data from Florida Charts. The data is attached and has been downloaded from the website for Duval County compared to Florida. Each person will need to pick 2 of the following questions to discuss. You can pick any 2 of the questions below to discuss:

1. Incidence and Prevalence: Identify 1 condition where data is provided for incidence and 1 where it is provided for prevalence. What does this tell you about the health of the population of Duval or Florida?

2. Identify a condition with an age-adjusted rate provided - compare Duval and Florida. Discuss why an age-adjusted rate is used?

3. Identify a condition with a crude rate provided - compare Duval and Florida. Discuss why a crude rate used? Was it a good choice or should they have used a different type of rate?

4. Identify a condition with a count of cases. Discuss why a rate was not used? What can this information tell us about the condition?

5. Pick an indicator under Maternal and Child Health. According to your book, provide the definition for the numerator and the denominator. Discuss why this indicator is important for monitoring health in Duval County and Florida.

6. Examine the demographic data and compare Duval and Florida. Discuss how the social determinants of health are different between Duval and Florida. How might this impact health?

The book is: Friis, Robert. Epidemiology 101, 2nd Edition. 2018. Jones & Bartlett Learning, Sudbury, MA. ISBN 9781284107852 (no access code needed).

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