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Do You Feel Socializing With Your Colleagues Is Beneficial in Creating a Better Learning Environment?

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Success is most often achieved when nurses feel competent and are accepted as team members by their colleagues

It is of the utmost importance that the healthcare organization has an organized and effective orientation and preceptor program. It is not only important for the new graduate to be competent, but also to be included amongst the other members of the team. The preceptor should be available to the new nurse to answer questions, guide, and to help the new nurse to integrate herself with the current staff. It is important for the preceptor to be “nurturing” to the new nurse so they can begin to feel comfortable on the unit.

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The importance of a well trained, encouraging preceptor and the role this person plays in staff retention is also discussed. Without the preceptor and her positive role it can be very difficult to retain staff. Employers are constantly looking for new ways to keep staff happy, that is discussed in detail in this paper. New nurse’s often feel overwhelmed and it is the duty of senior nurses to help them feel comfortable and “part of the family”. As a clinical coordinator on a busy oncology unit, I have experienced the difficulty associated with a lack of socialization with new graduate nurses. At times the new nurse feels uncomfortable and excluded

With the new staffing grid (showing a higher patient to nurse ratio) senior staff often feel overwhelmed and “too busy” to preceptor properly. The preceptor needs to have the time to cultivate and socialize the new nurse into his/her career. If this does not happen the nurse begins to feel unsupported and unwelcome as part of the team. These employees never become included and look for new employment in a short period of time. Socialization can commence with something as simple as checking blood with another nurse or helping the nurse start an IV. It is important for the new nurse to feel that his/her opinion is being heard and matters. All nurses, senior or new, desire to be a valued member of the team.

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Professionalism is a fundamental concept in nursing and arises from individual-workplace, interaction and interpersonal relationships

From the professional perspective, “being a nurse” is more than just a series of business activities and skills; it is, in fact, a part of the process of “socialization”, which involves internalization and development of professional identity (Shahim A, 2011). It can indeed be associated with passing through certain experiences that occur during socialization. Developing as a nurse is a sense of becoming, involving personal commitment and internalization of values during the process of professional socialization. Professional identity entails the way in which an individual views him/herself as a nurse, who can perform nursing functions skillfully and responsibly (Nesler MS, 2001). From Cohens’ perspective, professional socialization is the process of acquiring skills and required knowledge to achieve a professional role with valued and professional norms. This occurs through professional education and experience in work environment. Indeed, professional socialization is necessary for involving the students in professional practices. Socialization begins upon entry into the nursing program. During this period, students are engaged in formal nursing programs that do not end with the completion of nursing education but continue as the graduates are employed in the work setting. The process of socialization begins with students’ expectations from their collegiate experience. Once in college, students are exposed to various socializing agents, including peers, faculty, parents and interactions with individuals outside the collegiate environment.

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In brief, the all-important networking. As we’ve mentioned time and time again, networking has become an essential part of the modern working world. Even if you’re not looking for work, or not planning to have to look for work, networking allows you to foster those relationships that can be helpful if you find yourself out of work

Socializing with coworkers is just one more way to expand that network.

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