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What Might Our Future Hold Regarding Terrorism?

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Surprise, when it happens to a government, is likely to be a complicated, diffuse, bureaucratic thing

It includes neglect of responsibility but also responsibility so poorly defined or so ambiguously delegated that action gets lost. It includes gaps in intelligence, but also intelligence that, like a string of pearls too precious to wear, is too sensitive to give to those who need it. It includes the alarm that fails to work, but also the alarm that has gone off so often it has been disconnected. It includes the unalert watchman, but also the one who knows he'll be chewed out by his superior if he gets higher authority out of bed. It includes the contingencies that occur to no one, but also those that everyone assumes somebody else is taking care of.

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Nearly two decades after the 9/11 attacks, terrorism and targeted violence continue to pose a grave threat to the Homeland in ways that have discernibly evolved

Terrorism is likely a familiar term to most readers. The term targeted violence may be less familiar. For purposes of this Strategy, targeted violence refers to any incident of violence that implicates homeland security and/or U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) activities, and in which a known or knowable attacker selects a particular target prior to the violent attack. Unlike terrorism, targeted violence includes attacks otherwise lacking a clearly discernible political, ideological, or religious motivation, but that are of such severity and magnitude as to suggest an intent to inflict a degree of mass injury, destruction, or death commensurate with known terrorist tactics. In the Homeland, targeted violence has a significant impact on the safety and security of our communities, schools, places of worship, and other public gatherings. The threats of terrorism and targeted violence increasingly intersect with one another, and there is likewise some alignment in the tools that can be used to counter them. Foreign terrorist organizations (FTOs) continue to plot against the United States, and the Department executes on a daily basis its mission of preventing another attack from abroad. Unfortunately, the severity and number of domestic threats have also grown. Homegrown violent extremists(HVEs) are influenced by the ideologies and messages of FTOs.

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Commonwealth Government, State and Territory agencies should participate in developing plans to counter- terrorism attacks

They have a responsibility to ensure that right standards for transmission, handling and storage of security classified materials and secure information. The State and Territory Governments: They have a responsibility of operational response to the incidents of terrorism. They maintain policies related to counter-terrorism, plan and legislation in their jurisdiction (Crenshaw1992). Police Commissioners and the heads of intelligence agencies should also be involved since they will provide framework for strategic management of counter-terrorism operations United Nations should also participate so that they can create a forum for victim’s voice through dialogue between government and international leadership. The communication between the victims to victim, victim to government and government to government will help counter terrorist recruitment and criminal activities (Crenshaw, 1992). Prevention of the financing terrorist is an important decision so as to deny terrorist the means to commit crimes. However, this implementation set new burden to the banks and financial professions. The existence of anti -money- laundering will help to curb the financing of terrorism. However, the ant-money-laundering has failed in taking into account transfers of money aimed to fund terrorism. The fight to curb financing of terrorism includes anti -money-laundering and specific measures to address the nature of this problem. Lack of transparency on international financial transaction pose a high threat to the effort made to prevent financing of terrorism (Cohen, 1972).

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In either case, neither border walls nor firewalls can protect a divided society that dismisses fact and submits to the tyranny of fear. Our defense must come from all of us—all of us as Americans—not just the Departments of Defense or of Homeland Security

A nation united in its commitment to fundamental values—liberty, courage, self-reliance, sense of community, and mutual respect—cannot be sundered, cannot be conquered.

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