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Phantom of the Opera Has Run on Broadway for Over Thirty Years and Been Translated Into Multiple Languages: The Secret of Success

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Phantom of the Opera, by Gaston Leroux, we are introduced to a character known to everyone as the mysterious Opera Ghost

His character in this book is very complex. Although the Opera Ghost is very ugly physically and mentally, through his actions, we can find much beauty.

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Based on the 1910 French novel "Le Fantôme de l'Opéra" by Gaston Leroux, The Phantom of the Opera is Broadway’s longest-running hit. Loved by critics and audiences alike, the show has been stunning viewers since its debut in 1988. With an award-winning musical score by Andrew Lloyd Webber, the show’s songs and music have become a pivotal part of Broadway history. Witness iconic performances from the magnificent James Barbour and the charming Ali Ewoldt, and prepare to be captivated by suspense and romance. A hauntingly beautiful story, The Phantom of the Opera revolves around gorgeous soprano, Christine Daaé. A rising star, Christine takes the help of the Phantom, a musical genius who composes operas for her to practice. Lonely and deeply romantic, the Phantom becomes obsessed with his love for Christine. When she begins seeing another man, the Phantom grows furious, terrorizing the opera house. A dark and mysterious love story, find out where Christine’s heart leads her.

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Erik the phantom is depicted as a ruthless, merciless and strong willed character. Although Erik was abused and hated all his life, he was capable of beautiful things. This can be seen by the way hew devises unorthodox ways to win Christine’s heart. Although he bows down to the true love of Christine and Raoul he is seen as a go getter in his quest for this woman. Raoul is depicted as a lover, helpless and good character who believes in true love and a second chance. Although he suffers in the hands of phantom he believes that true love will conquer (Gale, 2014). The world of this play is constantly hilarious as many events unfold opposite of the viewers thinking. The element of phantom depicted as a ruthless person and also as a loving person humbles me

The writer of the play shows that every person has his good side despite the negative deeds each one does. The play puzzles me how phantom let’s go Christine and wishes her well in her love endeavors despite his stand all along to never bow down to defeat. The character of phantom changes at the end of the play where he is seen as a reasonable person unlike in the past where he is seen as a ruthless guy. The high point in the play is when phantom threatens to kill him and the whole opera house if he could not have Christine for himself (Francis & Leroux, 2007). The low moment is when the phantom lets Christine go and ask her to come for his burial, this scene leaves the viewers remorseful.

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In a word, by way of instance, Christine is provided his trail, which would be most the gift whatsoever by Erik. The voice of christine pulls at the ending fall in love as well as buddy Raoul, that recollects her. Though Andrew Lloyd Webber version of this narrative has been easy, a narrative that might be translated with the goal audience in lots of approaches was assembled by Gaston Leroux. THE Opera by Leroux’s Ghost portrays an environment stuffed together with journey, comedy and catastrophe which unifies with viewers.

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