Instructions How to Write

Parasite Movie Review

Find a newspaper, magazine article or high quality blog post that engages with a topic relevant to this film.
examine the article in relation to The film . You should 1) provide a clear summary of the article (approx. 250 words) and then 2) state why the article is relevant/insightful (approx. 450 words). Link the article and your exposition to at least one text we've look at in this paper.
the more precise and focused the commentary, the better the mark.
-MHRA citation
- link to the article chosen
-(( the article must not be a review about the film but must be talking about a theme covered in the film such as The social divides or Space or poor -privileged Lives or The housing -basements -Kim- family and house-park- family.

- the second part must be interesting,well analyzed, detailed , creative and attractive to reader. Answering the question of ( what we can gain from both the film and the article by putting them together?)
-It can’t be general. -
- the article can be newspaper, magazine article or high quality blog
- The film is The Parasite -Korean- Oscar winner

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