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Public-Private Partnerships With Emphasis on the Role of Faith-Based Response Agencies

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Through the seven-step process, emergency managers can identify and engage with faith-based and community groups in underserved communities and assess their capacity to participate in emergency preparedness activities

Based on that assessment, emergency managers can build partnerships with these groups, provide training and technical assistance to strengthen their skills, connect them with existing partners, and then integrate them into emergency management plans and exercises.

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The incidence and impact of natural disasters in the United States is increasing. In 2017, disasters affected the lives 46.9 million U.S. residents, 15 percent of the nation’s population. At this scale of impact, the public sector does not, and cannot, take sole responsibility for recovery and redevelopment. In addition to sacrifices and investments made by individual households, private businesses invest in their own recovery and contribute to the recovery of families, neighborhoods, cities and towns. In the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Whole Community Framework, the Agency calls on a variety of community partners, including businesses, to meet the growing emergency management needs of the United States, including disaster recovery

Building and maintaining partnerships is one of the primary strategies FEMA identifies for implementing the Whole Community Framework. Partnerships that include the public and private sectors have the potential to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of efforts undertaken by individual firms and public agencies. Working together, partners can advance new efforts that build on the unique knowledge and capabilities present among actors from the public and private sectors.

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This paralyzed the traditional decision making as it detached it from incentives needed to reduce cost as effectively operating project. However, the tradition procurement method enables the contractor to mingle with designers during the design stage and through sharing of plans to come up with an integrated construction document. Additionally, it enhances a good environment for designer’s techniques approval by the stakeholders, an aspect that creates a room for amendment to unsatisfactory design (Lee 1998, p 182). In conclusion PPPs provides more benefits in comparison with traditional methods. Because it ensures effective project delivery speed at low cost, as well as benefits public service users by utilizing the state assets more effectively. In addition, through regulatory scheme, PPPs have accountability of giving high quality services to the public, in a more innovative and diversified manner. Also, the PPP models have enabled acquisition of a reduced life-cycle costs, additional revenue, more effective risk allocation as well as faster facilities implementation (Yescombe 2007, p. 72).

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On the whole, from the above discussion and after studying the models of PPP it is clear that The Partnership is not always fruitful for the Government SO a Government should enter to contracts with Private sector after assessing the Private sector efficiency and the Government must have to share the risk with the Private party

If Government does not transfer an appropriate level of risk to the private sector then it should not be availed. But after entering the successful contract with the Private sector the Government can easily deliver quality services.

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