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3 Goals of the ACA

How are retail and nurse-managed clinics different from traditional primary care providers and are they in competition with traditional primary care providers? Use at least two references to support your response. Your text can serve as one of your references, but you must also use one additional recent, professional reference in your response. Both references must be clearly integrated in your response.
Has the ACA created more opportunities for professional nurses? What does the literature say?

Think of the 3 goals of the ACA: increase access to care, improve quality of care, and decrease costs of care--How do you see these three goals playing out in your workplace?
What do you see are the specific provisions within the ACA that have directly impacted the quality and delivery and type, or method, of care you give to your patients? What does the literature say about how quality, and type, or method, of care, since the passage of the ACA? Be specific.
What does current literature (no older than 5 years old) say about how the ACA has affected quality and costs of healthcare?

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