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Gallup Report

1) Read the Gallup report on attitudes towards third parties. How do Americans view third parties? Why is it so difficult for third party candidates to win in the United States? How would having more than two competitive political parties change American politics?

2) Review the Pew Research articles “U.S. trails most developed countries in voter turnout” and “Weekday elections set the U.S. apart from many other advanced democracies.” Specifically, how does voter turnout in the U.S. compare with voter turnout in other advanced democracies? What are some of the causes for the low voter turnout between the United States and other advanced democracies? What are the pros and cons of changing election day to a holiday or a weekend?

3) Look at Table 9.1 of AmGov and read the Pew Research article “News Use Across Social Media Platforms 2018.” Discuss where people get their news? What are some of the demographic differences that influence where people get their news? Where do you prefer to get your news (social media, print, television, radio) and why? Do you rely on only one news source? How do you judge the credibility of your news source(s)?

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