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MACRO Plan Section

This plan is designed to identify the roles & responsibilities that the GT/T will be assigned to & performing (BUT NOT LIMNTED TO) for a minimum period of 1 year from her/his date of joining. Additionally, the same plan will be used to evaluate the performance of the GT/T against each of the assigned role & responsibility on quartelry bases.

MACRO Plan Section

Roles & Responsibilities
- Generator:
• Operating principle of generator
• Parts of generator
• Maintenance activities
• Auxiliary Systems
- Transformer:
• Operating principle of transformer
• Parts & Types of transformer
• Purpose of each type of transformer
• Maintenance activities
- Motor & Switchgear:
• Functions of motors
• Parts of motor
• Types,Functions of circuit breakers
• Maintenance activities
- UPS & Battery System:
• Operating principle of UPS
• Battery Charger & its types
• Maintenance activities
• Theory of HSBT
• Logic of the HSBT
• Maintenance activities
-Protection system & reading electrical drawing:
• Generator protection
• Transformer protection
• Switchgear protection
Motor protection

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