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Public Diplomacy Analysis

Public Diplomacy Analysis

Meet Guy Golan, Ph.D., a widely published author on public relations and public diplomacy, and director of the Center for Media & Public Opinion. View his video.
Golan introduced his Integrated Model of Public Diplomacy in 2013. It states that nations need to act on three levels: soft power, mediated diplomacy, and reputational diplomacy—all initiated by governments to build relationships with foreign citizens for one purpose: to gain support for the nation's foreign policy. The first two levels yield the third.
Soft Power. Contrary to the hard power of military strength, economic sanctions, and more designed to coerce behaviors, he explains soft power as the use of positive attraction to influence appreciation and acceptance among foreign publics. These soft power strategies are initiated by governments (many DC offices deal with it—he lists some). Yet global relationship-building efforts initiated by NGOs, advocacy groups, and corporations also have been defined as soft power.
Mediated Diplomacy. Golan also explains mediated diplomacy as the use of a nation's government-sponsored mass media (its own news channels) to promote favorable frames (points-of-view) on the nation and its foreign policy.
After viewing the video interview and reading Public Diplomacy Disrupted (see Readings), answer the following three questions and include citations/end references. Your response should be 450–500 words in total, not including the questions or end references.
1. Soft Power: Globally or within the U.S., how is soft power in evidence today? Whether initiated by a government, NGO, advocacy group, or corporation, identify and describe a soft power effort to influence foreign publics about a nation, and provide your opinion from a strategic public relations standpoint. You might reference USC's Center for Public Diplomacy.
2. Mediated Diplomacy: Explore the U.S. government-owned U.S. Agency for Global Media (USAGM), formerly the Broadcasting Board of Governors, whose stated mission is to inform, engage, and connect people around the world in support of freedom and democracy. On the USAGM website, select Voice of America or one of its other news "networks." Identify and describe a mediated diplomacy effort that engages in frame promotion. Based on knowledge gained from our course to date and this assignment's readings/video, offer your opinions on the effectiveness of this communication.
3. PR Opportunity? Golan says that public diplomacy (PD) is an emergent area in terms of both research and practice, with more governments trying to develop PD programs. He debates whether the U.S. is successful at it or not, citing the U.S. response to 9/11 in spending billions of dollars trying to engage foreign companies in the Middle East. He notes that afterward anti-Americanism was just as high as before. A lot of critics have argued, Golan adds, that American public diplomacy doesn't really have a strategic direction. Assume you work for the U.S. State Department in a PD capacity. Recommend a communications tactic to improve America's global image.
Required Reading:
• Chapter 5, Implementing Your Strategic Communications Plan, pp. 118–123
• Chapter 7, Media Relations in a Digital World
• Chapter 15, Public Affairs, Government Relations and Political Communications
• Public Diplomacy Disrupted (PDF) . I attached the document, in case you cannot open this link.
Supplemental Readings
• Visual Ethics in Political Campaigning (PDF)
• ‘No Comment’: The death of business reporting (PDF).—by Steven Pearlstein, Pulitzer prize-winning columnist for WPO and professor of public affairs at George Mason University
• How Journalists Feel About PR Pros—a 2017 report from Cision

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