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Sara's Shortcake Sales Order System

The project will be based on a Sales Order System for Sara’s Shortcakes. Students will be required to develop a set of deliverables for each of the phases of SDLC - planning, analysis, design and implementation - with a strong focus on management.
Project deliverables are facilitated by individual research, textbook readings, class lectures and demos.
To facilitate the creation of project deliverables, students will utilize one or more software tools. The use of both project management software and modeling tools (UML) are be required.
Students will create a set of deliverables using a combination of both traditional and object oriented / Agile approaches. The project should complete each of the points below
1.Business Case – Project Feasibility, Cost / Benefit
2.Project Scope Statement (PSS)
3.Baseline Project Plan (BPP)
4.Work Breakdown Structure – Gantt Chart
5.Use Cases and Narrative for Structured Requirements
6.Sequence Diagram for Process
7.Relational Database (normalized to 3NF) and State Models
8.Essential User Interface, Rough Prototype and UI Flow Models
9.Sample Reports and Forms

•Visual Paradigm-
•MS Project or other open source project management tools

Project scope baseline templates

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