Instructions How to Write


1) Complete Steps 3 and 4 of the following tutorial:
2) Fill out the associated worksheet and attach to the Supplementary Information of report.

Title Page

Include your name and partner(s) name(s)
Include date of submission of the report
Include the name of the course, and the semester

State major objective(s) and what were the major results
This should be written in past tense
Major results would include: the half-cell potential of metal X, and the effect of diluting the concentration in cell
Should be no more than 5 sentences.

What is an electrochemical cell?
What is a standard electrode (such as the SHE) and how is it used to build tables such at Appendix L in your textbook?
What equation describe the behavior of cells under non-standard conditions.
1 - 1.5 pages
Results and Discussion

What was the half-cell potential of unknown metal X and how did you determine it?
What were the cell potentials of the diluted cells, and how does is this behavior of the cell predicted by your equations for non-standard conditions?
What evidence do you have to support your determination of the above?
1 - 2 pages

Summary of major results
Suggestions for future students, on how best to approach this lab
3 - 6 sentences
Experimental Details

Include a step-by-step protocol for each of the parts 1 - 2

Reference ChemCollective
Reference any sources used for background information on kinetics and rate laws
Reference any other sources
Any reference listed in the references section must be cited at least once in the body of the report. References should be cited using a numeric superscript corresponding to the number of the reference in the references list.

Recommendations for equations, figures, and references (from 7/1/20): Example formatting equations, figures, and references.pdfPreview the document

For formatting references, use the ACS style guide: (Links to an external site.)

Supplementary Information

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