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Defining Love

Can adultery ever be moral?
This question requires addressing what is wrong with adultery and if there are ever exceptions to this particular moral rule.
Is pornography harmful and should it be illegal?
This question will require the examination of the ethics of pornography as compared to other elicit acts such as the sale of drugs.
You must determine how to address this question and whether you mean harmful to be harmful to the person watching, harmful to the person (potentially) being exploited, relationships, etc.
Is love at first sight, a real phenomenon? Explain and defend.
Here you will need to define love and express why or why the phenomenon of love at first sight could or could not be possible based on that definition. Note: defining love is very complicated.
Can polygamy ever be more desirable than monogamy? Why are people and societies so critical and unaccepting of polygamy?
These questions require you to explore the idea of loving/being married to multiple people and why this act is socially unacceptable.
Does unconditional love make sense? If so, does that mean that unconditional love is quantitatively better than love that has conditions?
For this question, you will need to explain whether there are conditions to love and whether such love (perhaps of children or parents) is better than love for romantic partners (who we typically have conditions for). You will need to define "love" and what would make some forms of love "better".
Can our animals love us and does it make sense to say we love our animals? Based on the definition of love, do both of these phenomena make sense?
This question will require you to define love, and whether that phenomenon is capable based on the behavior and cognitive abilities of differing animals (humans and others).

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