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Cardiovascular Mortality in the General Population

Use to search for results, reported from randomized clinical trials (RCTs), regarding the effect of vitamin E on Cardiovascular Mortality in the General Population. This means you need to make sure that you are searching for articles involving clinical trials (RCTs) that specifically investigate an association between vitamin E and cardiovascular mortality (not just cardiovascular disease).

As you conduct this search, notice how the pubmed article list that is generated, yielded from your search terms, drastically differs depending on the terms you use in your search. This is part of the assignment and it may take some time until you realize which terms to use in the search field that will yield the most relevant list of articles.

1. FULL reference of the article (look at APHA style references as samples)

2. study setting (study population, place and time)

3. list the exposure (this is also known as the predictor or the determinant and, in the social sciences, it is known as the independent variable)

4. list the outcome (In public health, the outcome is often the disease or public health condition of interest. In the social sciences, it is known as the dependent variable.

5. study design type (these should all be randomized-controlled trials - RCTs, right?)

6. very brief description of the main findings for each article.

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