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Coronavirus and Its Challenges: Motivation Reward

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With social distancing, we now separate ourselves from other parts of society. This has made me feel very much disconnected from my friends. Humans are made to be out and about and socialize with beings on Earth. These unfortunate events have led many people to be disconnected from society

This has allowed my mind to go to the dark side, where my fears come out. My main fear is “How long will my life be on pause?” I’m afraid of how long I will be stuck in the house and can’t see my friends. Will it be a couple more weeks or will it be a couple months?

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At the moment, staying motivated can be tough

Many scientists have admitted this on social media or in online meetings. I’ve struggled to follow a consistent routine and to be productive, thinking twice about getting dressed in the morning while wondering, “What’s the point?” This is especially true when we’re surrounded by distractions at home — a place usually kept away from work. Humans are creatures of habit. Having specific times for sleeping and waking will help you to structure your routine. Embrace the flexibility of working from home and feel free to press the snooze button, but make sure you have set a certain number of hours dedicated to work in your day. To maximize your productivity, have a list of all work-related tasks and hold yourself accountable to it. It often helps to ask others to review your work regularly. I use the Pomodoro time-management technique throughout my working day: I set a timer for 25 minutes and work non-stop without any distractions until the alarm goes off. Once the alarm rings, I take a five-minute break and then repeat. I find this technique useful because it creates a sense of urgency to be productive, but helps me to avoid the commitment anxiety that might come with attempting to staple myself to a laptop for eight hours straight.

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Definitely, as we saw in the 2008, it is possible for teams to experiment and adapt. We also saw that it is possible for teams to freeze under pressure and recede

Make it your mission to achieve the former and achieve greater levels of growth and productivity as a remote team than as an in-person team. This is a challenge that can keep you energized and experimenting long after this crisis is behind us.

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