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What Will Be in the 40 years

Video #1: What, perhaps the next 40 or so years could bring us...

Video #2: Ben Zuckerman - UCLA Professor (13 minutes)
Watch the two videos above and answer the following questions in the discussion forum. You can combine your response into one well thought out paragraph or you can answer each one separately (your choice). Respond to two other students with a counterargument. That is find something you don't agree with and explain why. 20 points for your post and 5 points each for your response (2 total responses for 10 points).

1. Ben Zuckerman states that he believes that our projected population will likely be governed more from catastrophic events rather than by a rational decision. Do you agree with this or do you think we can "plan" our way to a sustainable population?

2. Do you think that we will need to build an entirely new global society to sustain our population or is this all overblown and we don't have a problem? Is it an elitist conspiracy? Do you think that we have enough resources to sustain our current population? Do you think we have reached "Peak Civilization?"

3. Do you think the government should decide how many children each of us have and what are you thoughts about using food as a weapon to control population?

4. Any other critiques or comments you wish to discuss?


Read Chapter 12 in your textbook,(Jacqueline Vaughn, Environmental Politics: Domestic and Global Dimensions, Sixth Edition, by J. Vaughn)

Prompt: The text provides a few topics that are considered emerging issues; however, the book was published a few years ago and does not offer a complete list of issues that are facing our society. After reading the textbook and other supplemental material, what other emerging issues have been left out of the textbook. Describe the issue and why you think it is a topic that deserves focus on the environmental agenda?

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