Instructions How to Write

HBS Case Report

The individual project will be based upon the development of a written report on a Knowledge Management System implementation. This will be based upon the HBS Case:
• HCL’s Digital Open Innovation: Enhancing Business Model Effectiveness Through Talent and Customer Acquisition, Development and Retention, by Solomon Darwin, 2015, Berkley/Haas, Harvard Business School Publishing, Case B5843-PDF-ENG
Don't concider this as a essay. You will develop a report, answering the following questions:
1. How does Starting Point leverage human resources for a competitive advantage for HCL?
2. What metrics would you use to evaluate the value of Starting Point going forward?
3. Other than the onboarding process, how can Starting Point be used as a platform for talent management, development and retention? How would you measure the success of these initiatives?
4. What other new initiatives would you recommend for the evolution of the Starting Point platform?

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