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Hill's Causal Criteria

What was the question under study (the cause-effect relationship — identify the exposure and the outcome, and the hypothesized relationship)?
What was the source of data for this epidemiological investigation (person, place, time: note cases and controls if appropriate)?
What study design was used?
What were the key results? (Be concise, but thorough.)
In the second half of your review, describe five criteria for causation (using Hill’s Causal Criteria) that apply to the study. Choose five "criteria for causation" and briefly describe the extent to which each is met. (Note: It’s okay to explain why criteria are not met for a maximum of three of these.)
Hill's Causal Criteria
Remember, approximately half of your assignment should answer the questions about hypothesis, study design and primary results. The remaining half of your write-up should discuss the criteria for causation (i.e., Hill's Causal Criteria). Please write which five criteria apply or don't apply to the study's findings on the Exposure-Outcome analysis. Please say why they apply based on the information provided in your review article. (e.g., the authors demonstrated a dose response because as children ate more Twinkies, they were more likely to be overweight).

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