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Patients discharging AMA

Identifying a Practice Problem (100 points total)

I. Practice Problem

Describe the trigger event that led you to identifying a problem that could be addressed through quality improvement processes. What is the resulting problem statement that will be the focus of your quality improvement project?
Present the significance of the problem by synthesizing the current state of knowledge about this practice problem. Cite all sources of information and provide supporting references for the scope of the problem on a macro level (e.g., global, national, regional).
Discuss the extent and significance of the problem in the local/regional setting for which you are going to implement the quality improvement project. Present pertinent supporting information (e.g., National benchmarks, facility-specific, de-identified information).
Explain the significance of the problem to Advanced Nursing Practice and to your own specialty focus (e.g., Family Practice, Mental Health, Nursing Administration). (10 points)
II. Potential Causes of the Identified Problem

Identify the potential causes of the issue/trigger/problem. What factors are involved that led to this practice problem?
Synthesize the literature regarding the potential causes, with supporting references.
Present other pertinent supporting information regarding potential causes of the problem in your practice setting (e.g., facility-specific, de-identified information).
III. Systems Approach to the Problem

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