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Mental Status Evaluation

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The mental state examination (MSE) is the assessment or observation of a patient's state of mind based on their attitude, mood and character. It involves a set of questions and specific observations that lead to understanding the patient's mental condition

Risk assessment involves determination of the risk that a patient presents for self-destruction, harm to others, possibility for violent behavior and suicidal ideation (Themes, 2010). A client may suffer certain conditions that require both mental status examination and risk assessment.

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These three assessments are The Mental Status Exam (MSE) (brief version), The Beck Depression Inventory (BDI), and The Beck Anxiety Inventory (BAI)

The MSE is for client mental status. The BDI accesses the level of depression a client is experiencing. The BAI accesses the level of anxiety a client is experiencing. In doing this assignment and the different practice assessments, we will get comfortable with the instruments that are utilized as a part of diagnosing and additionally treating clients with mental health illness issues. These basic tools are helpful for HUS experts to portray and comprehend the mental status of a client. While acquiring these assessments, certain data is required. The purpose, value, and usefulness of these assessments will be explained. For this paper, an anonymous pretend client will be created and a practice MSE assessment will be conducted and reported. The outcomes give a more overall comprehension of what is happening with the client so that the client can get the best treatment for their psychological illness. That overall comprehension accompanies limitations because there is not enough information provided to adequately

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Cognition is defined as ‘the mental processes by which a person acquires knowledge.’ Among these are reasoning, creative actions and solving problems (Marcovitch, 2009). Cognition is an essential in determining what we think and how we think. In an MSE, thought form and thought content are used to gain an understanding of the patients thinking, specifically how they think (form) and what they are thinking of (content) (Trzepacz and Baker, 1993)

Thought form is the quantity, rate, tempo and logical coherence of a person’s thoughts. The thought form may include highly irrelevant comments, frequent changes in topic and pressured or halted speech (Kaufman and Zun, 1995). In contrast, thought content refers to selective attention (focus on a selective topic), preoccupation or exaggerated concern (obsessions, compulsions and hypochondria) and distorting or ignoring reality (illusions, hallucinations and delusions) (Trzepacz and Baker, 1993).

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In the ends, MSE is usually not applied to all clients; however, when necessary it could be an useful format to understand the level of client’s psychopathology increase

While applying MSE, a mental health specialist should be mindful of the client’s cultural background, because it is highly associated with cultural differences.

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