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What Is It Like to Be Poor in America Today?

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Everyone knows what the word poverty means. It means poor, unable to buy the necessities to survive in today's world. We do not realize how easy it is for a person to fall into poverty: A lost job, a sudden illness, a death in the family or the endless cycle of being born into poverty and not knowing how to overcome it. There are so many children in poverty and a family's structure can effect the outcome. Most of the people who are at the poverty level need some type of help to overcome the obstacles. There are mane issues that deal with poverty and many things that can be done to stop it. The Federal Government defines poverty as income that falls below the United States Poverty threshold.

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Poverty in the USA is an increasing problem. In 2012, 46,5 million people lived in poverty in the USA . The poverty rate was for 2012, 15%. Isn’t that frightening? 15% would mean that nearly every seventh person would live in poverty

I tried to think about that in my circle of friends. Lets us just say that I have 15 very good friends and I knew that 15% of the population lived in poverty. How many of my friends would then live in poverty? I have calculated it to 2 friends. That’s the essence of a scary thought, which is normal in the US. (Just to set it in a different perspective). I’ve seen a clip from CBS on YouTube , which shows a middle class family with a ‘good’ income, but when the man in the house looses his job, they are facing the growing edge of poverty. Even the children are attentive about it. Sometimes they are getting soup a whole week! That must be awful. Not just because I hate soup, but there is no doubt about that it’s not healthy, and I’m sure that the children would like a nice red beef with a lot of sauce and mashed potatoes instead of soup. Another clip from CBS on YouTube shows an older couple, which have retired and now after several failures with stocks, and a few visits at the hospital, they are also facing the growing edge of poverty. Just like a lot of other Americans. The number of people living in poverty in 2012 is the largest number seen in 54 years, which poverty estimates have been published. Families can’t afford food to feed their families, and it seems like the only welfare benefits they are using to get ‘food on the table’ is food stamps, and they are certainly not the only one who is using them. Actually 14,7% of those 15% in poverty do use food stamps. I can’t even think about how many food stamps they are giving away. Is there not a better way to distribute welfare benefits than food stamps? How can the US improve their welfare system, so that people can get away from this edge of poverty? Is there a solution to this problem at all?

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If a country could manage to provide basic education to more than half its people, poverty could appear nowhere in the country. Bradley says that a large number of the children in United States lack the elemental knowledge. There exist a positive correlation between education and employment, which in turn correlates with poverty

It appears like a culture in America where children get the mandate to choose between leisure and education. Majority prefer the former to the latter. Any employer focuses much on the educational background of a willing employee before giving him/her the job. In the case of U.S, countless never qualify for the jobs even if the opportunity arises because of their poor learning backgrounds. This brings the reason as to why learned strangers are ever securing the few jobs leaving the American redundant. Once they secure them, they expand their own countries rather than U.S and hence its high poverty levels.According to Hacker, they are unable to, not only develop their country, but also themselves (2006). The remaining category of employed non-citizens experiences a double taxation. They pay taxes for both U.S and their countries giving them not even a chance to uplift U.S, which is left poorer than before. It is often mistaken that adequate food and good heath facilities can eliminate poverty. This is not the case because in U.S, these are there but poverty still prevails. Efforts have been made to improve the academic facilities of the country but foreigners only enjoy these services and in turn secure the available jobs rendering the American unemployed. This unemployment makes the United States a poor country.

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Generally speaking, despite poverty allowing society’s dirty work to be done, helping the affluent workers reach their career goals, and creating several jobs the social causes of poverty outweigh the positive effects. People with blame poverty on the poor even though the poor are not against working and are not lazy

The social aspect of poverty is the true reason of why there is poverty in the world.

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