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“Harlem” by Langston Hughes

“Harlem” – Langston Hughes
Navigate to the threaded discussion below. Copy and paste the following questions and your answers to each of them into your initial post:
Identify two literary devices used in the poem and explain how each is used to communicate a message.
What dream do you think Hughes may have had in mind in the opening line?
What do you think Hughes means by saying this dream was “deferred?”
According to the speaker, whom or what is to blame for the fact that their dream was deferred? Explain your answer by quoting the text itself.
What is the tone in the first six lines of the poem? Provide two examples of diction (word choice) that establish this tone.
Examine the verbs in each line of the poem. Who or what is doing the action for at least most of the poem?
Examine lines 7-8 of the poem. If a piece of candy is left out too long, the sugar inside crystallizes, altering the taste, so that something that seems sweet can, in reality, taste terrible. What do you think Hughes is referring to with this image? Explain your answer.
What do you think Hughes is suggesting in the final line of the poem?
What do you think the message of this poem is? Support your answer with at least two direct quotes from the text.
Is the message of this poem more similar or different from the themes that were common in the Modernist movement? Explain your answer.

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